Earth Day Gardening Workshops Plantitude x Castlery

Join us for an enriching experience in sustainable gardening as Plantitude and Castlery collaborate to bring you a series of workshops in line with the upcoming Earth Day. In this joint initiative, participants will have the opportunity to delve into the world of eco-conscious gardening practices. Learn how to pot succulents in upcycled liquor bottle planters or terrariums using creatively upcycled jars, embracing innovative methods that promote environmental stewardship.

These workshops not only offer practical skills but also inspire a deeper appreciation for repurposing materials in our journey towards a greener future. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to engage in meaningful activities that contribute to the preservation of our planet.

Join Plantitude and Castlery as we come together to celebrate Earth Day through sustainable gardening workshops.




Plantitude Bottle Planters are upcycled from wine, champagne and liquor bottles. Bottles are individually selected based on the colour, shape and glass thickness to match the intended finished product.


What you can expect from the workshop

Participants will be able to choose from a selection of upcycled horizontal bottle planters for the workshop.

We will show you the steps to select and plant the succulents, type of gritty mix to use for good water drainage, how to decorate the planter and tips on how to maintain the plants at home.

Suitable for teenagers and adults. Children between 7-12 years can participate with adult supervision.

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Participants bring home a potted bottle planter.


More about the bottle planters

The upcycled planters are suitable for succulents, fittonias, pothos and other small ornamental plants. Some designs are also suitable for growing herbs. They each come with a drainage hole to avoid roots becoming waterlogged.




A terrarium is sometimes called a glass garden. It is planted to look like a miniature garden and it is usually made in glass containers.



What you can expect from the workshop

Plantitude opted to upcycle used and cleaned glass jars to be more sustainable. We will show you the steps to build the layers in your terrarium, how to plant your fittonias and decorate the mini garden.

We will share tips on how to care for your terrarium at home, and what other accessories you can add on your own.

Suitable for adult and children aged 7 and above

Duration: 1- 1.5 hours

Participants bring home a terrarium in an upcycled jar


More about the upcycled jars

The upcycled jars used for this workshop will be collected from My Naked Bar, so that we can give a second life to the jars for oils used in her production of cold processed soaps. We will wash and clean the jars for the workshop.  


Exclusive Discounts for Workshop Participants at the Earth Day Pop-Up!

Participants for workshops will be entitled to the following discount for Plantitude products from the Earth Day pop up from 12-14 April, 2024 at Castlery:

30% discount on Plantitude trays and containers upcycled from liquor bottles or
10% discount on Plantitude products at the Earth Day pop up